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How to Watch TeaTv on Roku? Possible Ways!!

TeaTV, a popular third party streaming software, has won interest for its widespread library of movies and TV shows. 

While it is commonly designed for cell devices, many users are keen to explore the opportunity of streaming TeaTV on Roku

In this pilot, I am  going to delve into the advantages of the use of TeaTV on Roku and guide you through possible ways to install and stream content material on both Android phones and Windows PCs.

Benefits of Using TeaTV on Roku:

1. Diverse Content Library: 

TeaTV offers a diverse series of films and TV shows, imparting customers with an extensive variety of entertainment options.

2. User Friendly Interface: 

The utility typically capabilities a consumer pleasant interface, making navigation and content discovery seamless for customers of all stages.

3. Cost Free Entertainment: 

TeaTV is frequently free to use, providing a low priced alternative to paid streaming services.

How to Install TeaTV on Roku? Possible Ways

Roku does not formally guide sideloading apps may additionally violate phrases of the provider. 

Proceed at your very own risk.

1. Enable Developer Mode on Roku:

    Visit the legitimate Roku website and sign in for your account.

Follow the instructions to allow Developer Mode on your Roku tool.

2. Find Roku IP Address:

  • Access your Roku device settings and observe down the IP cope with.

3. Download TeaTV APK:

  •  Download the TeaTV APK from a reputable source.

4. Install Developer Software on PC:

  • Install the essential developer software on your PC.

5. Connect Roku and PC:

  •     Connect each gadget to the equal WiFi network.
  • Use the developer software program to go into the Roku IP deal with.

6. Install TeaTV on Roku:

  • Upload the downloaded TeaTV APK on your Roku device using the developer software program.

How to Watch TeaTV on Roku Using Android Phone?

Here is a way to Watch TeaTV on Roku Using Android Phone:

1. Enable Screen Mirroring on Roku:

  • Navigate to Roku Settings > System > Screen Mirroring > Screen Mirroring Mode. Choose “Always Allow.”

2. Enable Screen Mirroring on Android:

  • On your Android tool, go to Settings > Connected devices > Connection choices > Cast.
  • Select your Roku device.

3. Open TeaTV on Android:

  • Launch TeaTV on your Android smartphone and begin streaming content material.

How to Stream TeaTV on Roku Using a Windows PC?

Here is a way to Stream TeaTV on Roku Using a Windows PC:

1. Connect PC and Roku to the Same Network:

  •  Ensure each your PC and Roku are linked to an equal WiFi community.

2. Enable Screen Mirroring on Roku:

Follow the stairs stated in advance to permit display mirroring in your Roku device.

3. Connect to Roku from Windows:

  • On your Windows PC, press `Win + P` to open the Project menu.
  • Select “Connect to a wireless show” and choose your Roku tool.

4. Open TeaTV on PC:

  • Launch TeaTV on your Windows PC and experience streaming content on your Roku device.



In conclusion, even as exploring TeaTV on Roku can provide an increased viewing experience, customers have to exercise caution and be aware about the capability dangers associated with sideloading applications.

Additionally, Roku’s rules can also alternate, impacting the provision and functionality of 1/3 birthday celebration apps. 

Always live informed and prioritise the security and legality of your streaming practices.

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